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Hardcastle Group: the Formwork Experts at 8888 Yonge

Integrity, Quality, and Innovation — these are the three ingredients for building outstanding communities. We live by these values and partner ourselves with companies who believe in and practice them as well. As the saying goes, you’re only as good as your partners. That’s why we here at Metroview work with only the best in the business. Hard work and dedication means everything to us when partnering with companies for a project.

We wanted to take this opportunity to highlight one of our trusted partners: Hardcastle Group.

Hardcastle Group specializes in High-Rise Residential concrete formwork services. Formwork is a temporary or permanent mould used to create concrete slabs and structures. Hardcastle offers safe, fast and efficient formwork and shoring, concrete placing/finishing and rebar placing services for structural concrete projects of any size and scope. Hardcastle Group plays a pivotal role in building the structures that people live, work, learn, play and receive care in for decades after construction is complete.

With the skill and expertise of Hardcastle Group, 8888 Yonge now has a Luffer crane up and at work on site. This type of crane is best suited for small or tight spaces. It is able to raise and lower its jib (the projecting arm of the crane) which allows it to reduce its rotation. It is one of the best choices for sites where space is limited or there is more than one crane being used.

The Luffer tower crane also has a higher lifting capacity because the weight is transferred from the crane’s jib much more effectively. The jib pivots up and in, or down and out, in order to move the load. It moves horizontally rather than vertically to keep the hook at the same level.

Cranes provided by Hardcastle Group are manufactured by Raimondi Cranes. Raimondi stems from a small Italian town with a 150 year history behind them. Serving a global market, Raimondi is equipped with the latest production technologies and is highly rated in the global crane manufacturing industry. Raimondi stays on top of technology trends in order to produce and supply products of the utmost quality and performance levels.

The GTA has the highest amount of cranes in use compared to any other international hub. The need for construction and the high housing demand make the GTA an immensely desired area to live. We are excited to contribute to the future of the community with the help of our partners at Hardcastle Group. The Home of Modern Living is coming out from the ground. It’s all up from here.