Metroview Developments

Hammer Head Crane

8888 Yonge is coming out of the ground fast. We here at Metroview Developments are proud to bring the first project of The Yonge Series to you. It has been a long time coming but we are one step closer to bringing luxury living to you. Construction is pressing forward at 8888 and we cannot wait to welcome you home.

In our last blog we introduced you to Hardcastle Group, who specialize in High-Rise Residential concrete formwork services. Hardcastle offers safe, fast and efficient formwork, concrete placing/finishing and rebar placing services for structural concrete projects of any size and scope. With the support of Hardcastle Group, 8888 Yonge now has a Luffer crane and Hammerhead crane at work on site.

The Hammerhead crane is one of the most commonly used cranes in the world. These cranes are highly adaptable to virtually any workspace and any volume of heavy materials. Their precise horizontal movements is one of the greatest benefits of using this type of crane on site.

A hammerhead’s jib can rotate horizontally 360 degrees around its mast. It’s defining factor is the ability to move loads horizontally along the jib without changing the level of the jib. This crane is perfect for worksites with low head room and where multiple cranes are in use.

All cranes at 8888 Yonge are manufactured by Raimondi Cranes. Raimondi stems from a small Italian town with a 150 year history behind them. Serving a global market, they are equipped with the latest production technologies and are highly rated as a leader in the global crane manufacturing industry. Raimondi stays on top of technology trends in order to produce and supply products of the utmost quality and performance levels.

Metroview is proud to be partnered with the best in the business. We pride ourselves on our vision and the quality of work we deliver thanks to our hardworking team. 8888 Yonge is starting to come to life. Your Home of Modern Living awaits.